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Monday, 28 January 2013

Danbo + Snow!

event :: Danbo first snow experience
date :: 19 January 2013
location :: Bristol, UK.

[1] After a very cold and dry weather past few days in Bristol, it started snowing on the 18th January (Friday).


[2] We went out for a short time only on Friday morning as hubbykun needed to get back to work.


[3] On Saturday/19 Jan, hubbykun said that he hasn’t yet satisfied with his 2013 snow picture collection. Therefore, he went out that Saturday morning.


[4] It so happens that 19 Jan is also my youngest sister birthday! Happy Birthday Nard! If she were here, she would have enjoyed playing in the snow ;)


[5] Hubbykun’s objective was to capture more macro shots with his Danbo, a toy figurine created from a Japanese manga known as ‘Yotsuba!’. He took pictures around the house during new year, and now it's the very first outdoor session for Danbo!


[6] Yotsuba! chronicles the amusing life and adventures of the 5 year old girl named Miura Hayasaka, who dresses in a robot costume made from cardboard boxes as part of her school project.


[7] Hubbykun urged me to read the manga, but I do not particularly ‘slice of life’ manga genre. So I never get around to picking this up.


[8] These days, I prefer action based manga. My favourites currently are: Nurarihyon no Mago, Noblesse and Tal ;)


[9] Recently, I’ve urged a friend to also read Noblesse and she has been hooked on it too! Yay!


[10] I even asked for a drawing of my favourite character from the manga, Cadis Etrama di Raizel as a present upon completing my studies. The drawing is currently pasted in at my study notice board.


[11] The night before hubbykun went out for his danbo snow photography session, hubbykun asked me to create some costumes for his danbo.


[12] I’m really not an expert in costume making and my sewing skills is close to nothing to boast about :P


[13] I tried my best to create a muffler and snowcap for the danbo. Hubbykun chose some unused cloth and we make do with this as the main material.


[14] I simply hand sewn the costume. The snow cap turned out a bit funny though. Hubbykun told me that the muffler was a bit too long too :P


[15] Hubbykun only used this costume one time and he said he needed to look for new materials for better costume. I personally think the cotton t-shirt material used was not well suited for this purpose.


[16] I think something more woolen or knitted would be better suited. But if I were to cut this from clothes or the likes, I think the seam will just disintegrate?


[17] I had a bit of experience crocheting back during high school. But I have long since left this hobby. Until this day, we have not worked on a new costume yet.


[18] Despite this fact, hubbykun told me he had a fun day out. There were even a couple of kids who stopped by to have a closer look of what he was working on.


[19] Hubbykun showed them the danbo and some photos which he has taken. They loved the danbo too because it was just too cute ;) It was no wonder that hubbykun returned home so late.


[20] I thought hubbykun will be back by lunch, but he only got around 3pm after spending time at King’s Square, Brandon Hill and inside Studios 58. I’m glad that he had a great time with the new toy and photography which didn’t involve me freezing and waiting in the snow :P


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Congratulations Dr Keen & Goodbye Rumah Merah & Rumah Purple

event :: Farewell to Rumah Merah & Rumah Purple :(
date :: 5 January 2013
location :: Filton, Bristol, UK.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Sebagaimana yang para sahabat sedia maklum, isteri saya telah sampai ke penghujung pengajiannya di bumi yang telah banyak memberikan kenangan kepada kita semua. Serentak dengan itu maka berakhir juga penghidupan kami di sini. Dengan izin Tok Pengulu saya memohon jasa baik kepada sahabat yang berkelapangan untuk membantu kami sekeluarga pada 5hb Januari 2013. Kontena akan sampai seperti biasa pada pukul 9.00am. Kepada sesiapa yang ingin menumpang barang, bolehlah menghubungi saya atau isteri saya. Kontena akan turun di Ampang Jaya, Selangor. Pada kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua yang telah banyak membatu sepanjang kami berkelana di sini. Kami juga ingin memohon maaf seandainya ada tingkah kami yang tidak disenangi. Halalkan segala makan minum sepanjang kita berkeluarga di sini. Semoga kita berjumpa lagi di Tanah air tercinta.

Air mata sedih terus berlinang,
Meninggalkan sahabat banyak berjasa,
Jasa kalian sentiasa di kenang,
Menjadi ingatan sepanjang masa.

Abang Zahar dan Kak Kin.

[1] First of all, congratulations to Dr Sakina Sofina and family for surviving and success in PhD endeavor!  Hurray! Days after that, we received a mail from MCB group that it was time for them to plan journey back to beloved Malaysia.


[2] That came with the nightmare of packing all the stuffs you accumulated over the past 4 years or more.. huhu.. scary. I hate this part right here.. lalalala :S


[3] We thought of offering a helping hand to pack the night before the crane was schedule to arrive. However, when we arrived there that Friday night, most everything has already been packed.


[4] There was only some big items such as bicycles that need dismantling left and this unfortunately was not our area of expertise. So the task was left into Abg Zahar and the gang capable hands.


[5] Since there was nothing much to do, we ended up just hanging around and enjoying the delicious dinner :P the menu was ala-Eid style i.e. beef and chicken rendang as well as fish lodeh. Mouth-watering! ;)


[6] We then chatted about almost everything to nothing until late 2am! Huhu. By then, everyone was yawning since it was way off time to head the sack. We reach home around 3am :P


[7] The next morning, the crane arrived at 9am. Hubbykun woke up late though and only arrived there at 10am. I stayed at home because these mostly required heavy-muscled capabilities.


[8] Alhamdulillah, quite a few kind Malaysians also assisted in the morning move. Hubbykun managed to help a bit here and there, but he tried to capture as much photos as possible of the event too, as per special request from Kak Keen.


[9] The job was completed just before 12pm, following the 3 hours window given by the crane company. At that exact time, the crane/lorry moved to it's headed destination.


[10] As a last minute souvenir, hubbykun prepared a photo frame to capture some moments we've spent together with their family through the past years. To Abg Zahar/Kak Keen and family, wishing you all the best in your future undertakings. It was a great honor to know you. Do keep in touch and lots of hugs for us to you both and the kids!


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013 & Welcome Home Danbo!

event :: Welcome home Danbo!
date :: 22 - 26 December 2012
location :: Bristol, UK.

[1] Our dear friend Tosh went to Japan recently, so hubbykun asked him if he help can buy the Danbo for him and Tosh kindly agree! Thanks Tosh! :D


[2] We first met Tosh at Nasir's Eid open house few months back. We chat about some of my favourite japanese manga that I've read (and some I'm currently still reading).


[3] At that time, the Danbo is out of stock so Tosh needs to place an order online.


[4] Hubby bought 1 standard and 1 mini size Danbo.


[5] Few days before xmas, Tosh came back Bristol and passed the Danbo via Nasir. Hubbbykun is very excited when he can finally own not one but two!


[6] Tosh also bought me a gift -  the Nurarihyon manga character keychain. Awww, that is so sweet of him. Thanks Tosh - I really appreciate it :)


[7] Hubbykun has been eyeing for the Danbo for a while now, he is very happy he had his hands on them finally.


[8] Since we didn't have any plan during xmas holiday, hubbykun spend most of his time taking Danbo images around the house.


[9] He is also use this as an excuse to explore and experimenting more on the depth-of-field in photography.


[10] My friend Yani made this as gift for me. We both a big fan of manga. There is one time we spend in a coffee shop talking about our favorite manga :D


[11] My sister in law and also my niece share same birthday, which is on Christmas. Happy belated birthday you two! :D


[12] Recently there are quite a few of our friends passed their viva, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone congratulations and well done! :D


[14] Danbo at the kitchen


[15] Danbo is dancing, ho-yeah!


[16] Hey, that's my breakfast!


[17] That is not a swing :)


[18] Night sky.


[19] Going out on a date?


[20] David Guetta 2.0


[21] Tadddaaaiiimaaaaaaa!


[22] Zzzz..


[23] Also, we also would like to wish everyone Happy New Year 2013! :D