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Monday, 28 January 2013

Danbo + Snow!

event :: Danbo first snow experience
date :: 19 January 2013
location :: Bristol, UK.

[1] After a very cold and dry weather past few days in Bristol, it started snowing on the 18th January (Friday).


[2] We went out for a short time only on Friday morning as hubbykun needed to get back to work.


[3] On Saturday/19 Jan, hubbykun said that he hasn’t yet satisfied with his 2013 snow picture collection. Therefore, he went out that Saturday morning.


[4] It so happens that 19 Jan is also my youngest sister birthday! Happy Birthday Nard! If she were here, she would have enjoyed playing in the snow ;)


[5] Hubbykun’s objective was to capture more macro shots with his Danbo, a toy figurine created from a Japanese manga known as ‘Yotsuba!’. He took pictures around the house during new year, and now it's the very first outdoor session for Danbo!


[6] Yotsuba! chronicles the amusing life and adventures of the 5 year old girl named Miura Hayasaka, who dresses in a robot costume made from cardboard boxes as part of her school project.


[7] Hubbykun urged me to read the manga, but I do not particularly ‘slice of life’ manga genre. So I never get around to picking this up.


[8] These days, I prefer action based manga. My favourites currently are: Nurarihyon no Mago, Noblesse and Tal ;)


[9] Recently, I’ve urged a friend to also read Noblesse and she has been hooked on it too! Yay!


[10] I even asked for a drawing of my favourite character from the manga, Cadis Etrama di Raizel as a present upon completing my studies. The drawing is currently pasted in at my study notice board.


[11] The night before hubbykun went out for his danbo snow photography session, hubbykun asked me to create some costumes for his danbo.


[12] I’m really not an expert in costume making and my sewing skills is close to nothing to boast about :P


[13] I tried my best to create a muffler and snowcap for the danbo. Hubbykun chose some unused cloth and we make do with this as the main material.


[14] I simply hand sewn the costume. The snow cap turned out a bit funny though. Hubbykun told me that the muffler was a bit too long too :P


[15] Hubbykun only used this costume one time and he said he needed to look for new materials for better costume. I personally think the cotton t-shirt material used was not well suited for this purpose.


[16] I think something more woolen or knitted would be better suited. But if I were to cut this from clothes or the likes, I think the seam will just disintegrate?


[17] I had a bit of experience crocheting back during high school. But I have long since left this hobby. Until this day, we have not worked on a new costume yet.


[18] Despite this fact, hubbykun told me he had a fun day out. There were even a couple of kids who stopped by to have a closer look of what he was working on.


[19] Hubbykun showed them the danbo and some photos which he has taken. They loved the danbo too because it was just too cute ;) It was no wonder that hubbykun returned home so late.


[20] I thought hubbykun will be back by lunch, but he only got around 3pm after spending time at King’s Square, Brandon Hill and inside Studios 58. I’m glad that he had a great time with the new toy and photography which didn’t involve me freezing and waiting in the snow :P


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Mizhar Mazlan said...

ahhh 19th january is also my birthday.....

Karen said...

Hubbykin sure looks like he had a good time, and you must have too, staying inside. Birthday wishes for your sister.k.

Lowell said...

That little guy must like the snow and he really gets around. Hope Hubbykin is satisfied with his snow pictures now! He did very well. I remember scenes like this from my childhood, but we don't see them here in Florida. It was 88 degrees F here today and I played golf. I like warm weather!

We're doing quite well. The move went very smoothly and we are settled in and enjoying the larger house and the community.

Lois Anne is feeling OK most days. Just depends on the chemo and the shots. But she has just one more chemo cycle and then surgery when we'll find out what cancer, if any, is left.

Best wishes to you!

Jana said...

happy to hear you enjoyed allso thw inter white fluffiness called snow! did you make a snowman friend for your Danbo?:-)))

Nasir said...

Again! Amazing shots featuring Danbo in the background of Bristol white snows... Truly a work of art. Well done! :)

Anonymous said...
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